Meet Our Staff

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Hope Broomham l Director

Hope is a Michigan girl born and raised, but has called Texas home for the last 3 years. She earned her social work degree from Taylor University in 2009, and after graduating, worked as Resident Assistant with transitional foster and homeless youth. Her heart connected deeply with this population and she saw the tremendous potential for growth during this formative time. Since then, it has been Hope’s driving passion to help young women achieve long term life change and create supportive environments to champion that process.

Hope connected with Marcie shortly after moving to Texas and has been involved with Blake’s House since the initial open house. She has worked as a relief RA, volunteer, and adviser for Blake’s House over the years. She became director in the spring of 2017 and is honored to follow in Marcie’s footsteps.

Marcie Bazor l Founder

Marcie Bazor founded Blake’s House in 2014 prompted by her work with CASA and the adoption of their oldest daughter. The Bazor family adopted Stacy from the foster care system at the age of eighteen, and through that process, came to realize the problems youth face when aging out of foster care. After seeing the lack of transitional care and support in this area, the idea for Blake’s house began to brew in her mind. It was given life by one simple question asked by a friend, “What can we do to make a difference?”

The idea that Marcie had been praying and waiting for God’s timing on began to take shape. Six months later, after much research, prayer, and planning, Marcie and her husband bought a house in Plano. Three months later, the first girls moved in and Blake’s House has been running ever since. In the spring of 2017, Marcie transitioned out of the director position and has taken on more responsibility at Jim Riley Outreach (the parent non profit). She continues to be a great support to the residents and willingly shares about Blake’s House any chance she gets.