Why Blake’s House

Blake’s House is home to young women who are searching for more than just another place to sleep. It's about seeing the bigger picture in life and SUCCESSFUL independent living.

Individualized Life Plan
We know that everyone has different stories, needs and dreams.  In the same way, your experience, support, and program length will be based on what you need.

Life Skills
What I wished I knew at 18 by Dennis Trittin book and workbook.  We will teach you things like making/keeping a budget, finding a job that pays the bills, searching for an apartment, making connections with people in your community, and preparing healthy meals on a budget.

Private Room
You will have your own private room with a twin-sized bed, closet, and dresser. You will also have your own pantry space to store your groceries.  All residents share the same kitchen/dining room, laundry room, living room and laptop computers.

You will have an opportunity through our mentors to develop long lasting friendships.

You will receive weekly rewards based upon things you’ve accomplished. In addition, when you “graduate” from the program you will receive your “rent” money back.