Volunteer Your Time

The Blake's House Volunteer Experience

The mission of Blake’s House is greatly supported and enhanced through the work of our volunteers. God’s work is being accomplished because of the hands and feet of His workers. We need you and your skills/interests. Whether you have one hour a day, one hour a week, or one hour a month, we can connect you with a volunteer opportunity at Blake’s House. Just call us to schedule a time to talk about your experience/interests and your availability.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  1. One-on-One Tutor: With all of our residents pursuing some type of educational goal, we have a need for tutors in general/specific academic areas. We ask that tutors commit to meeting at least once a week with the girl they are tutoring.
  2. Special Events Help: We greatly appreciate extra hands during special events, retreats, and fundraisers. We hold two fundraising events a year; one in the fall and one in the spring. Contact us for more details.
  3. Cleaning Crew: While our residents have household responsibilities, extra attention to details (about every three months) makes a big difference in the cleanliness of the house and health of our girls. This is a great opportunity for groups.
  4. Driving Coach: Many of our girls get their license while at Blake’s House, and we are in need of individuals to assist them in completing their drive time. No formal training needed.